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We are a small hobby kennel in the shadow of Mt Rainier in
Washington State. Our reason for 'getting into saints' was to enjoy
our pets and provide a healthy, loving environment where they
can develop their own personalities and talents. We firmly believe
that all dogs need a job or purpose. Our dogs have competed in
conformation, obedience and weight pulling. We also have had
one certified with Delta Society as a therapy dog who visited our
local children's hospital.

We have a selective breeding program and are building on a 45
year old blood line established by two friends, Brenda Swanson of
Montana Mtn Saints and Giselle Carlow of Shadowfrost Saints.  Our
focus is on temperament and type with the goal of producing dogs
that are loving companions with a gentle spirit. Additionally, we
strive to match the physical standards of the breed and produce all
around working dogs.  

We are members of the Saint Bernard Club of America, Saint
Bernard Club of Puget Sound, Nisqually Kennel Club, Canadian
Kennel Club and the Saint Bernard Fanciers of Manitoba.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.  
John & Lisa Chinn
Home of Gentle Giants